Web copy

The first time most customers interact with your company is through your website. It needs to be compelling and easy to read to hold people's attention. I can help make your website interesting and useful. 



The Australian writing voices goes beyond using Australian spelling. The tone and nuance of an Australian writer is unmistakable. Using international writers can create extra and unnecessary distance between your and your customers. 

UNIQUE content

Copying content from other sources such as industry websites can result in serious search engine penalties. I can write you unique content to populate your website. 

Blog posts

Search engines love new content. If you are not updating your website your rankings will suffer. Blog posts are a great way to engage with your customers and let them know what you are doing and can help your website rankings improve. I can write regular blog posts to keep your website updated. 



I can work with your staff to create blog posts that introduce them to customers and highlight your best work. 

Press Releases

As a small business or startup it can be hard to get the media coverage and support you need to get a foothold in your industry. I can write you an affordable press release to send to media outlets and bloggers to help you get the coverage that you need, 



Not all of your communications will be online, so it's also a good idea to make sure your flyers are interesting and engaging. I can help to write content for your flyers to align them with your web copy. 


SALes writing

Many business owners find it hard to write sales copy as they need to emphasise all of their strengths, and that can go be hard for people who don't naturally enjoy sales. I can help to write a sales letter that sells your services to new and existing clients.